Translation error in Windows 10, Finnish version, My computer view (Free space)

Translation error in Windows 10, Finnish version, My computer view (Free space)



 Feb 07 2018
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Hi everyone!


This is my first post here and I hope it will turn out to be a useful one.




Above is a screenshot of the My computer view in the Finnish version of Windows 10. Here the translation error is Vapauta tilaa, which indeed means "Free space" in English, but "free" being the imperative of the verb. Here we refer to the space available and thus the correct translation in Finnish is Vapaata tilaa.


I suspect the double meaning (homonymy, if you like) of "Free space" makes this error a common one not only in Windows and not only to Finnish, so I believe systematically going through the translations of "Free space" would reveal many more.


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Hi @Tapani Sammalvuo,

Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately this Office International community is not focused on Windows but Office applications. However we have let the Windows Localisation team know about your feedback below. I am also adding @David Kern a PM in the Windows Localisation team. He normally shares the text below when people report Windows translation issues on here...


"For any Windows translation suggestions for Windows features you can join Windows Insiders. That group use a Language Community app to send Windows their recommendations. The easy-to-use app lets you click on the translation in Windows you’d like to see improved, and either send the Windows Localisation team a new suggestion or vote on suggestions sent by others in your language. Anyone can become a Windows Insider by registering at . You also get to choose how often you’d like to have the latest Windows builds installed.  Once you’re set up, then you can download the Language Community app from the Windows Store here. You can see the progress on your suggestions directly in the Windows Feedback Hub. Give it a try and send the Windows Localisation team your ideas for making Windows fantastic for your language." 

I hope this helps and thanks again for taking the time to make Microsoft products better! We appreciate it!



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