To Open is translated to Is Open in Swedish

To Open is translated to Is Open in Swedish
 Sep 19 2018
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In the new version 1809 (16.0.10827.20084) Office 365 is the menu choose Arkiv, Öppna [File, Open]  translated to Arkiv, Öppen in Swedish.


Öppen means that it is Open, not to open Öppna.


Is it people or a machine that translate?


Regards, Anna-Karin

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Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson Thanks for letting us know about this! We will investigate it and get back to you. Regards, Stafford  

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Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson Just to let you know we have addressed and it should be available to Office 365 subscribers in next months update. Unfortunately it was caused by a global terminology change we made last month. Thanks for alerting us to it! Staff 

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Same BAD translation happened in Danish—getting worse, need to shape up ;)

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