"View" is translatad to "visa" in Outlook app on mobile phone

"View" is translatad to "visa" in Outlook app on mobile phone
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"View" is translated to "visa" in Swedish, in Outlook app on an android mobile phone.


Please translate "view" to the Swedish word "se" instead, as in "look at".


The Swedish word "visa" is more similar the English word "show".


The text can be misunderstood that the person/organisation has access change your settings and "show" your calendar to others without your control.


To have access to "look at"/"se" give the text a better understanding of the function.




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Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson thanks for letting us know! Our Swedish moderator will take a look and we will get back to you. Can I ask what build number are you on? Thanks! Staff 

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Android 8.0.0

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Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson

THis was addressed back in July. Thanks again for reporting it! Staff 

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