"Mute" is translated to "Ljud"/"Sound" in Teams meetings in Swedish

"Mute" is translated to "Ljud"/"Sound" in Teams meetings in Swedish
 Apr 22 2020
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In almost all Teams meetings is there a problem with participants that do not mute their microphones.

In Sweden is the translation of the word “Mute” a contributing task.


“Mute” is translated to “Slå av ljud”/”Turn of sound” and “Unmute” is translated to “Slå på ljud”/”Turn on sound”.


When participants see this, they think that it is the sound on the speakers that will be turned of (even if the icon looks like a microphone). Alternative they think that booth the speakers and the microphone will be turned on and off. Soo, they do not deer to try to use the "mute" function.


And there are several other places that “Mute” is translated to “Ljud”/“Sound”, for example in the participants list.


Please translate “Mute” to “Slå av mikrofon”/”Turn of microphone” and “Unmute” to “Slå på mikrofon”/”Turn on microphone”.


And use the word “mikrofon”/”microphone” instead of ”ljud”/”sound” in other places in the application.





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@Anna-Karin Petrusson Thanks for the feedback, we'll get the moderator to review your suggestions and let you know once any changes have been made. 

Status changed to: Planned
Status changed to: Completed

@Anna-Karin Petrusson This has been reviewed and addressed by the moderator. "Mikrofon på" has been used as the preferred translation of "Unmute" and "Mikrofon av" instead of "Slå av mikrofon".


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