"Editor" is not translated in Swedish version of Word

"Editor" is not translated in Swedish version of Word



 Apr 30 2020
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The spelling panel in Word is nowadays named “Editor” in Swedish Word and has the same name, “Editor” as in the English version.


The menu icon that open the “Editor” panel name is now names to “Redigerare” in Word both on the “Review” tab and now days also on the “Home” tab.  “Redigerare” is not a good translation for the English word “Editor” and sounds very strange to use.


The job title “Editor” is more “Redaktör” or "Korrekturläsare" in Swedish.


In Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote the icon still is called “Stavning”/”Spelling” (in Outlook the icon is called “Stavning och grammatik”/”Spelling and grammar” and the panel is called “Stavning”/”Spelling”  in PowerPoint and “Språkkontroll”/ “Language check” in OneNote (the panel do not exist in Excel and Outlook, yet…).


Please do translate the panel name “Editor” in Swedish Word back to “Stavning”/”Spelling”  or to “Språkkontroll”/ “Language check”.


I should prefer “Språkkontroll”/ “Language check” and not "Korrekturläsare"/"Proofreader" in Swedish because the function nowadays check much more than spelling and I think that is the reason why the panel changed name.


And please use the same name for the same function in all the Office programs.


Office version 2004 12730.20236





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@Anna-Karin Petrusson Thanks for the feedback. We'll ask the moderator to review your suggestions and as soon as we know more, we will post here to let you know.

Status changed to: Not at this time

@Anna-Karin Petrusson  Following a review, the same name for the same function in all the Office programs but it is "Editor" and not one of your suggestions. The term Editor aligns with current terminology guidelines.

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