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Office for Mac - Romanian



 Mar 24 2019
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I’m writing to you because I just installed Office 365 on my Mac devices and I noticed the Office suite is not readily available in Romanian. I work as a lawyer and I am accustomed to have acces to the Office suite in Romanian. As there is already a Windows version available in Romanian, and as nowadays Mac installations have a solid market share in the Romanian and Moldovan markets, I’d like to take this opportunity and point out that the Romanian lacks support in the most recent release of the Mac suite.

In comparison, in Hungary, Mac installations only account for 5,11% of the desktop user base, but the desktop market is smaller there in Romania. Nonetheless, Hungarian is featured on the Mac Office suite. Slovakia is an even better example, whereby this small country with less than 1/7 the population of the Romanian language market (Romania and Moldova) got a Slovak version of Office.

Please have this note into consideration in your further Office for Mac update, as it is to my knowledge that creating localised versions improves user adoption of licensed software within specific language territories.

Hi @danirimie 

Thank you so much for your suggestion! We know there are lots of factors they take into account before localising Office for Mac. We will pass it on to the right team with Office (the Business Planning and operations team) to look at! 



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