Office 365 Bookings toggle translation to Swedish

Office 365 Bookings toggle translation to Swedish
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The word toggle is translated to växling in Swedish in Office 365 Bookings. Växling in Swedish means Exchange.


Please change "växling av" to "kryssruta för" or "alternativ för" if toggle means the same as "checkbox".


Please also change the Swedish word medgivade to samtycke.


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Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson thanks for pointing those out to us. Our Swedish moderator will investigate and we will come back to this thread to let you know what we plan to do with these suggestions. Regards, Staff 


Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson

So the English string was "Show a personal data collection and usage consent toggle along with a message on my booking page". Our Swedish moderator decided to go with 

"Visa kryssruta för medgivande om insamling och användning av personlig information med ett meddelande på min bokningssida" as "with a message" was omitted in the original translation.
She was reluctant to change "medgivande" to "samtycke" as it is not approved Microsoft terminology. Thanks so much for sending it our way! Staff 


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