MsgBox function (VBA)

MsgBox function (VBA)



 Oct 22 2019
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The online help has changed—as I recall it.




The vbQuestion enum (32) shows a Question Mark icon—I have never heard about a Warning Query?




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Hi Jørgen,

interesting, never noticed that - may be because I am normally using Excel in German. I switched my Excel 2010 from German to English and looked, what is there in the Offline Help and I found out that MS used the same description there. It then looks like the following screenshot.




After then, I tried out Excel 2007 from my virtual machine and it's the same. So, they were using Warning Query in the online/offline help for older versions too.


If I switch my Excel 2010 to German, then the description for vbQuestion is Meldung mit Fragezeichen-Symbol anzeigen which, translated back to English, means Display message with question mark icon.


I then searched more docs on the web and found out that MS is also using Warning Query in its documentation about MsgBox for the .NET Framework. Searching for the original Windows API function leads to the MessageBox function from winuser.h where vbQuestion is equivalent to MB_ICONQUESTION. There, they are talking about a question-mark icon, but also interestingly recommend to not use this type of MessageBox anymore.


All in all, I agree with you, Warning Query sounds a little bit strange and personally I would not associate a warning with that icon.


However, I am unsure if it would not be better to leave the description as is - as it is also documented in the same manner for the .Net Framework and in older versions of Excel VBA. My personal tendency is to keep it. What do you think?





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Hi @Mourad Louha 


I actually agree with you. 


It doesn't really make sense—but changing it makes no sense either, so let us let MS keep it ;)




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