Missing description of new x-function in Swedish Excel.

Missing description of new x-function in Swedish Excel.



 Jan 07 2020
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The are some new (very nice) x-functions in Excel from version 1912 (12325.20240).


When you start typing in the function name, for the new =XLETARAD (XLOOKUP) the explaining argument text is in English. The other x-functions show the arguments in Swedish.


In the help text for the new XLETARAD function it says the Swedish name XLETARAD in the header but in the text the function has the English name XLOOKUP.

See this link:

And the Swedish word matris (matrix)  is one word, not splited in two ”mat ris” (food rice).

Help Text

In the help text for the new functions XNUVÄRDE, XELLER and XIRR there is a section called “Syntax” that explain the arguments for these new functions.

See for example this link

The section “Syntax” in missing in the Swedish help text for both the =XLETARAD (XLOOKUP) and XMATCHNING (XMATCH). Please complete the help text with the section “Syntax” for these two new functions.

Se the first link for the XLETARAD function and this link for the XMATCHNING function :

And the function XMATCH is named  XMATCHNING in Excel program but is named with the English name XMATCH in the entire help text and in the pictures.

In the first picture the function XMATCHNING is look for the word “Ställ” (Put down) and report that the word is found in row 2, there the cell shows another word “-druvmust” (-Grape Juice).


Please correct the help text.


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Hi @Anna-Karin Petrusson 

Happy New Year! 

We will let the Excel Software & Content Localisation teams know about these issues. 

Thanks for the suggestions!



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@Anna-Karin Petrusson 

We released a fix for this issue. You may not see the changes right away but they should be available in an update shortly, depending on your product version or insider level.