Milestone in Ukrainian Language Pack for Project

Milestone in Ukrainian Language Pack for Project



 Nov 19 2017
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Not planned

In Ukrainian Language Pack for Project "milestone" is translated like a "intermediate stage (phase)". This translation is a methodology error, because milestone is not a stage, it's finished action .

In Ukrainian it's should like "Віха"


Thanks for reporting it Oleksiy. We will have our moderator take a look at this and update you in one of our monthly report outs.
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Status changed to: Working on it
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Nothing changed for the year(((


HI @Oleksiy Prosnitskyy

Our moderator actually agreed with your suggestion and we were about to make the change back in 2017 however we were vetoed by the Project team. I thought from the emails exchanged between Bharath Kumar and yourself on similar issues that you were aware this was too risky a change to make in the Project software. Bharath consulted with the Project Dev team and they felt this change was too risky to make as it might break existing customers. For that reason they decided to keep it as is. Sorry we could not accommodate this request. Please keep them coming. We are hopeful for the newly developed Project services coming online in the next year that we can make your suggested improvements.




Status changed to: Not planned