Kinda wrong translation in the agenda function of office outlook

Kinda wrong translation in the agenda function of office outlook



 Jun 26 2018
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While making appointments with the Dutch language pack in the office outlook program, I noticed that the appointments that are configured as "available" are shown in the agenda as "vrij". Although "vrij" can translate to available, in the context of agenda's it translates to being free from work, which is de opposite of being available (long live the Dutch language). The real translation should be "beschikbaar".


The funny thing is that while creating an appointment, the "view as" drop-down does translate "available" to "beschikbaar".



Hi @Vincent Beltman thanks for bringing this to our attention. So we can investigate this thoroughly and get to the bottom of it could you please tell us what version and build number of Office (you can see this in Outlook by going to File | Office Account | About Outlook section) and Windows (Start | Settings | System | Windows Specification section) you are using? Thanks in advance! Staff

Office Outlook version: Microsoft Outlook 2016 MSO (16.0.9330.2124) 32-bits

Office Outlook build: Version 1805 (build 9330.2124 click-and-ready)


Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 1803

Build: 17134.112

P.S. Thank for your response


No problem at all. Leave it with us. On initial viewing our Dutch moderator has confirmed your feedback is valid. We will check other occurrences of "vrij" across our Dutch files as well as investigate how this happened. So thanks again! We will be in touch! Staff 

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Can I get a status update on this issue?


Best regards


HI @Vincent Beltman

Sorry we took so long to get back on this one. This went back and forth between different teams. We are unable to change these strings as doing so may break the product. Thanks for taking the time to report and apologies we could not change the translation.



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