Excel: Translation of Data Types in French

Excel: Translation of Data Types in French



 Mar 19 2020
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The French translation for Data Types is Type de données


The translation is correct but doesn't reflect the potential of the tool. In fact, it's more a term dedicate to computer developer to select a type of data like String, Integer, Long, Date, ….

So I will suggest to replace this term by Données enrichies (enrich data)


And also, if you can remove all word Données in French, that would be really better2020-03-19_17-23-09.png2020-03-19_17-21-21.png




Status changed to: Under review
Status changed to: Planned

Thanks for the suggestions @Frederic LE GUEN, I'll ask the moderator to review these. I'll update you here on their feedback. 

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Great Thanks

That's really important to 'sell' this tool for French users

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Any news of this translation?


Hi @Frederic LE GUEN ,

We won't be making the suggested changes at this time. The feedback from our French linguists (both France and Canada) is that we should not change this term. Here is what they say:
  • 'Données enrichies' does not actually reflect the source term
  • We already translate 'rich data' as 'données enrichies' within Excel, so introducing another term with the same translation would cause ambiguity issues
  • 'type de données' may be a term used in computer science in French, but so is 'data type' in English. Excel being a tool for general public use and not just computer developers, there is little risk of confusion in general, especially since the options given for 'data type' are visible to dissipate any ambiguity.

Thanks for posting the suggestion. 



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Thanks @Declan Coughlan  for your explanations.

Ok, I understand your explanations.

Status changed to: Not planned