English Outlook string contains Danish text

English Outlook string contains Danish text



 Nov 12 2018
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I have a recurring appointment in outlook, but I noticed it is mixing Danish and english in the wording


Most of the message is in English, but "tirsdag" is the danish word for Tuesday.


Hi @Anders Ebro

Welcome to the community! I cannot seem to reproduce it using a Danish windows 1803 with Danish Office client 1812. What language is Office and what version and build number is it (you can get this from file | office account | About Outlook)? What language is Windows 10 and what version and build number is it (You can get this by typing winver into your search bar)?  If you can give us those hopefully we can get to the bottom of it! Thanks in advance! Staff 

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I have the same inconsistency. I am currently running Danish Windows with an original Danish Office with the English Language Package. In Calendar View all names of the day are written in Danish, ie. MA TI ON TO FR LØ SØ and MANDAG TIRSDAG etc. Even the names of the month are written in Danish

Hi @Jørgen Koch

Can you please tell me the versions of both Windows and Office you are using so we can get a repro. Thanks a milion! Staff 

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English Windows 10 Version 1709 (OS Build 16299.726), English Office 2013 (15.0.5075.1001) MSO (1.0.5075.1001) 32 bit Outlook Desktop Client.

My region is set to Denmark, and under regional settings my Format is set to Danish.

 OWA does not have this issue for me.




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Danish Windows 10 (1709 / 16299.755), English Office 365 (1810 / 11001.20074)


Thanks @Anders Ebro@Jørgen Koch for all the information. We will look into this and get back to you on it. If we cannot make it consistent then at least we will understand why we cannot. Regards, Staff 


Hi @Anders Ebro@Jørgen Koch,

The Outlook team had a look had said this is part of their design. While we know it is not ideal these strings get pulled from the OS. And when your language settings are Danish these Danish strings get pulled into the Outlook UI.


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You are right. Not ideal at all and kind of weird ;)


Would be much more ideal when you opt in for localized app strings for names of days and names of months and recognize that in most languages except English the names are not Capatilized when used inside a sentence but should be if they stand alone or are used in the beginging of a sentence.


Keep up the good work,


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