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 Nov 14 2018
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Working on it


I just want to say hello, test the forum and find out what you think about different translations for “digital storytelling”? Attached is a case study we were recently asked to translate from English into Czech entitled “Digital Storytelling: Turning Insights Into Success”. On reading that case study what would you translate the concept of Digital storytelling as? To help here are some examples from the web of how it has been translated into Czech... 


1. digitální storytelling

2. digitální vyprávění

3. digitální vyprávění příběhů

4. vyprávění digitálních příběhů


Please tell us what your preference is and why? We would love to hear from you!

Thanks so much!

Petra (Czech Language Moderator for Microsoft Office products and services)


Hi, it really depends on the context where this will be published. Because if the text will be somewhere around when people understand the term, the 1) is totally ok. If not, variant 3) can be more descriptive. But also can confuse people what is it.


Hi Petr,

THANKS A LOT for your really really quick feedback. The context is more or less the same as - if it helps.

And I completely agree with you that Czech variants are more descriptive on one side, but also can be confusing.

So, is this term something you have already come across?


 Hi, in this case, like the course, the 3) is the best I personally mean. Our PR and Sales loved this word. ;)


Hi Petr, thanks a lot!

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