Creating alignment from all levels

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Strategic alignment has been the bread-and-butter of my company for at least a decade. When our President, Chris Fussell, talks about front-line leaders driving the pendulum forward, in some sense he's speaking to the ability of real-time information driving changes to the company's strategy at large. To that end, Viva Goals is not only a reporting tool for objectives, it's also a means for the organization to align to the environment. Leaders driving success with OKRs who fail to review the context of Key Result reporting are missing the evaluative value that Goals feedback provides. At the very least, this is a necessary component of the quarterly close-out, if not worthy of a more frequent review.


Does your organization have any real, tangible and transparent mechanisms to inform your strategy, or do your senior leaders do all the talking? Is your strategy static until the year-end close, or does it live organically driven by the context in which its operating?

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