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Hello! My name is Marin Benkin and I am an owner of a little company in Bulgaria and I am interested to create neural voices in my language and to improve speech recognition.

What time was to do to have a permission to create Neural voice in Bulgarian?


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The question is: What I must do to have a permission to create Neural voice in Bulgarian?

@Benkin do you want to try to create your own custom Neural voice in Bulgarian? We already have 2 Bulgarian Neural voices available as mentioned here: Language support - Speech service - Azure Cognitive Services | Microsoft Docs

Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG Female bg-BG-KalinaNeural General
Bulgarian (Bulgaria) bg-BG Male bg-BG-BorislavNeural New General
Yes, I tried, but there is no option to choose Bulgarian
Hi Marin, we support Bulgarian neural voices today, one male and female (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/cognitive-services/speech-service/language-support#neural-voi...). Custom Neural Voice currently does not support Bulgarian at this point but it is in our roadmap. In the meantime, please try out our Neural Voices and let us know your feedback.

@edwardun I had made a lot of experiments with these voices and the biggest problem there is that they cannot pronounce  medical terms.

I have a platform for online rehabilitation and I need to make voices for my videos. 


@edwardun Yes I tried, but the results are unsatisfactory and this is the reason I want to create custom neural voice

Hi @Benkin , yes Bulgarian for Custom Neural Voice is in our roadmap and we might be able to get to a private preview soon.  Please apply to http://aka.ms/customvoice to request for building a Custom Neural Voice and specify you want to build a voice in Bulgarian.  If you get approved, we might be able to get you to the private preview list.

@edwardun Thank you !

I had applied the form yesterday and I'm waiting for your response.

Мy team and me hope our project will be approved.

I am sure that our project will be useful for many people in Bulgaria.