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How could Microsoft get it so wrong. I tried to use Azure and AI and its just matrix calculations.
Open-AI is like a brute force training method, but at least its visualized. 

I just want a dog, a pet cat. An annoying robot that helps me with math and does my homework and that i can play games with. That will learn and grow with me and all you have is just a bunch of worthless databases like your CD collection, or vintage games. Bunch of comic book nerds with their libraries of books. 

Its like walking into a library and you don't know how to read.
Here i was thinking that paperclip from word would have progressed into an annoying helper, but at least i have dancing girls hows **bleep** i can vibrate.

Seriously can you not just make something simple, someone somewhere in that huge office must be someone who knows where the AI program is and can make a simple program and is like a "ferbe". Thats as helpful as the paperclip with a comprehensive help toolkit. Something that works like an operating system of something robotic i want to build. 

Could someone please help me make something simple, that can do basic reading comprehension so i can at least talk to it, and get it to read a book and answer questions. Maybe one that can learn maths and can 3d model things so i can visualize it. Or maybe something that can just learn by watching me and can recall something i need for reference. "i saw something on facebook" (pulls out phone to show person) "asks ai something vague" instantly pulls it up.

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I want a personal AI, not something that does work for me.