Need help developing an Intelligent Chatbot!

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Hey, I'm kinda new to AI and I need to develop a conversational chatbot that answers FAQ that I provide for my application.


I found a lot of services(LUIS, QnA Maker, ...) some of theme are going to be retired next year. The problem is I don’t know where to start.


Any help please?

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Azure Bot Service:

Azure Bot Service is a part of the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and is specifically designed to simplify bot development and deployment.
It provides an integrated environment within Azure for building, testing, deploying, and managing bots.
Azure Bot Service offers Bot Channels Registration, which allows developers to connect their bots to various channels directly from the Azure Portal.
It includes features like built-in authentication, scalability, and automatic load balancing to handle bot traffic effectively.
Azure Bot Service seamlessly integrates with other Azure services, such as Azure Cognitive Services, Azure Functions, and Azure Application Insights, for enhanced bot capabilities and monitoring.

This link will help you -