Introduction to Planning and Managing Costs of Azure OpenAI

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Plan & Manage Costs of Azure OpenAI ServicePlan & Manage Costs of Azure OpenAI Service



Planning to manage costs for Azure OpenAI Service

  • Estimate costs

  • Understand the full billing model

  • Other costs that might accrue with Azure OpenAI Service

  • Using Azure Prepayment with Azure OpenAI Service

Monitor costs

Monitor costs from Cost analysis under Resource Management.

monitor costs.png

To view Azure OpenAI costs in cost analysis:

  • Sign in to the Azure portal.
  • Select one of your Azure OpenAI resources.
  • Under Resource Management select Cost analysis
  • By default cost analysis is scoped to the individual Azure OpenAI resource.
  • Screenshot of cost analysis dashboard scoped to an Azure OpenAI resource.

Creating budgets



Create alerts that notifies of overspending risks. 

Budgets can be created with filters for specific resources or services in Azure if you want more granularity present in your monitoring. Filters help ensure that you don't accidentally create new resources that cost you additional money. For more information about the filter options available when you create a budget, see Group and filter options.

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