Integration of local hosted databases / applications

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Concerning Azure Cognitive Search: is it also possible to integrate locale hosted databases / applications by a standard search or an API integration? So that it would be possible to use the benefit of the integrated functionality like indexer etc.?

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We don't have indexers that can reach out to locally hosted databases, although we do have indexer support for Azure SQL Server VMs. There's also the option to migrate your data to Azure with a tool like Azure Data Factory. The other option is to use the Push API where you can send the search service the data directly. This can be a great option if your data isn't in a supported data source and you don't want to move it.

Understandable, but how can we secure e.g. permission topics when we would update the index but not push the whole document (just assuming we are talking about images). Both are possible in my understanding. Is a permission 'attribute' also supported by the Push API? Perhaps I have misunderstood the issue, then please give me a hint.

@ThomasVetter if I'm understanding correctly, you're asking about how to properly apply security filtering to the data. In that case, you really just need to include an extra filterable field that includes information on who can see the document. Take a look at this link for some more details: Security filters for trimming results - Azure Cognitive Search | Microsoft Docs. You can also have some additional application-level logic that decides what data gets sent to the search index.