How to choose a bot template when creating a bot using Azure Web App Bot?

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I'm trying to create a bot using the Azure Portal, trying to follow some tutorials from the documentation. Specifically, these:

When I got to the Azure portal and try to create a Web App Bot however, I am unable to choose a template. It seems to assume I want to create a QnA Bot, which is not the case. I've been doing tutorials and research for a few days; I'm pretty sure I recall this was not the case as of yesterday.

Did something get updated? Is using the Visual Studio template my only option now? I was hoping to use VS Code for the development once I downloaded the basic bot template.

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@mpkarlo  Hi there!


   If you are trying to create a QnA Maker with Azure Web Bot services, feel free to check the step by step in my recent post:


   At the bottom you will find a link to my YouTube tutorial:


   I am not familiar with the link you posted, but Azure Web Bot services have changed a bit in the last 10-12 months. But the aforementioned links have step by step (12 steps) that have been actually updated as of TODAY. So! you can follow them to deploy your bot on:


Microsoft Teams


Web site


   if you need further assistance do not hesitate sending me a message @DanLopez