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We have a corporate subscription but unless our IT allows us, then I may only be able to try this on my own. I am subscribed to Office 365, is there a free subscription that I can try? I may have used that free subscription before. I would like to test before I can show my bosses a Use Case for this.

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@bootsbandoja  Hi There! Is your question on whether or there is a free tier/ trial tier for Speech services?

If you create a Free Azure account here, you will get some Azure credits, and additionally, there are Free tiers to Speech (Pricing page here) so you can try these capabilities with little to no cost. you can also demo these on the Speech product pages. For example Text to Speech, allows you to hear all the TTS voices; Speech to text   allows you to test the accuracy.  Speech studio will allow you to also try some of the capabilities too.


If all else fails you can showcase speech transcription in Teams or Powerpoint (and even show case live transcription & translation) Or in Edge using Read-aloud on a website.  Does that help?