Face API to detect race or ethnicity or skin color from a given image


Currently Face API gives multiple attributes of faces detected in a picture that include Age, Gender, Hair Type, Hair Color, etc,. But it doesn't give any attribute to detect race or ethnicity or skin color. Is there any plan when these attributes will be available?

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@SatishBarnala Really? WHY? It never ceases to amaze me how skin conscious this society is getting. Maybe you need it for a particular reason and it's really none of my business but I just needed to ask WHY?

Hello @ContentiousContrarian , I respect your concern. This is not to identify or tag a person based on race or skin color. The idea is just to get the number of people belonging to different races or ethnicity in a given group picture to measure diversity.
I found many third-party tools providing this attribute, so wondering if Face API is going to provide this attribute as well.