Cognitive Services - Availability of SDKs for the latest Bing Search APIs


We are pleased to announce preview availability of SDKs for the Cognitive Services - Bing Search APIs. Currently available as REST APIs, the Bing APIs v7 now have SDKs in four languages: C#, Java, Node.js, and Python. These SDKs include offerings such as Bing Web Search, Bing Image Search, Bing Custom Search, Bing News Search, Bing Video Search, Bing Entity Search, and Bing Spell Check. 




For C#, both NuGet packages and SDKs are available for individual Bing offerings. The best place to start is with C# samples. These samples provide an easy to follow step-by-step guide on running various application specific scenarios through corresponding NuGet packages.


Each Bing offering has corresponding samples along with a NuGet package that you can use to build your application on top of.


For development in other languages, check out Java samples, Node samples, and Python samples. They are all covered under MIT license and include step-by-step guide for you to get started.


Read about it in the Azure blog.

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Can anyone shed some light to the input parameter of the freshness parameter of the news searech api? It doesn't matter whether I set the freshness parameter to be month, week or day, news search api always return the same amount of article ( the totalEstimatedMatches of the response body). 


Also, the returned output always include some out-of-bound eesult that can be as old as 6 months or even 2 years old in some case. 


Can anyone shed some light? It is as if the freshness input parameter is useless. What is exactly the 

purpose and functionality of the fershness parameter? I can't tell my end-user that they are wasting time by reading out-of-date news? 



Freshness parameter tries to get you the news in a given bound but if there isn't enough news articles, it will give you all the content - some of them may be out of bound. If you are trying to post new content higher up on the search page, you can use the sortBy parameter. Just append &sortBy=Date and it will given you the latest news first.