Audio only training (in beta now)

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I would like to use the "audio only" option, its greyed out in my voice studio. Is it available yet?

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Hi @MikeVanca , can you share me your screen?  You should be able to see this when you hit the "Upload Data" in the Data tab in the Speech Studio > Custom Voice.




@edwardun thanks Edward, both the bottom options are greyed out for me

Hi @MikeVanca , can you let me know what region your speech service is in?

@edwardun I've got it all working now, except for the Voice Talent creation. When I create VoiceTalenI upload the voice talent recording file stating "I Michael Vanca am aware that recordings of my voice will be used by SmartAction to create and use a synthetic version of my voice." and refuses to create stating "AudioAndScriptNoMatch"


Not sure what to do next, as it all matches...

Just adding to the thread to note that this issue has been resolved privately (outside the thread). Thanks for the question!

@MikeVanca also a side note is that the "audio only" option is available with S0 key and for projects in below languages only: