Assistance Needed: Azure AI Studio Playground Data Source Issue

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I've set up an Azure Open AI service and begun utilizing Azure AI Studio within the community. In the tools section, I'm eager to explore the Playground. However, when attempting to add a data source through "Add your data" in Azure AI Studio, I encountered an issue in the Azure AI Search resource tab, displaying the error "Free tier is not supported." Strangely, in the pricing section, the basic/free tier is visible. Could someone from the community assist me in resolving this issue? 

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Hi, The Free Tier for AI Search has never been supported with AI. The Basic price tier is charged per hour even though the estimated charge is for a month. So once you have finished testing just delete AI search resource. It is very frustrating that Free tier is not supported for testing, I tend to standup a test in a new resource group each time, then when finished delete the resource group...
Regards Steve Atkinson