AI Form Recognizer Custom Model

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Hello Guys, 

I am new to this Forum and really interested to explore more.


I have often used AI Builder in Power Automate. Now I am looking an alternative solution and came across Azure Form recogizer. I am trying to train the model with different PDFs having different Table formatting. In AI Builder I was able to train the model to extract different items from the table column and rows. But in Form Recozigner I do not see any possible to define the Table manually. Like I cannot draw table to recognize the columns and rows. May be I am not able to figure it out. If you have any idea, it will be very glad to here the solution. 


 as you can see. there is a option of Auto Label but I cannot define the rows and column manually. 



sometimes it detects from such similer files the Kd Number and Ihr Beleg together and does not seperate the values. how can I split them? in AI Builder from Power Automate I have the option to add row. 

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