Accelerators - close functional gaps

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Hi everybody,
I am Lead Architect for Conversational AI at Avanade and designed multiple (b)leading edge bots based on Microsoft Bot Framework. We built accelerators on this foundation and need to know what is coming up from Microsoft and where we have to close functional gaps with our accelerators.

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There are a number of big updates coming to the Bot Framework to be released at Build. I would suggest taking a look at the Composer nightly for a preview of some of them, we are currently updating documentation to share with partners when they become GA.
Hello Klaus, I am not sure at all what is coming up from Microsoft inside the Bot Framework conversational implementations, but it would be appropriate to check out the functional gaps among the knowledge base and its link/relation to our app at Azure Web App /Cognitive App Services.
Most accelerators' backend code usually, within some weeks, may experience some issues at the moment of parsing this information from external resources to the conversational bot due to the try of saving computing time and costs. I think your team would have to be very careful at taking on some review on the relationship among the knowledge base and the bot's backend background
One place to read about this stuff today, is checking out the Composer changelog

Most of what is in preview will be rolling into GA soon.