Sales Advisor + Microsoft 365 Lighthouse = Optimized Customer Engagement





We’re excited to introduce the new Sales Advisor capability within Microsoft 365 Lighthouse! Fuel your business growth, reduce the cost of sales, optimize customer engagement, and provide scalable managed services to your customers – all powered by advanced AI-driven customer insights.


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What is Microsoft 365 Lighthouse?

Microsoft 365 Lighthouse helps Managed Service Providers (MSPs) grow their business and deliver services to customers at scale from a single portal. With Lighthouse, you can standardize configurations, manage risk, identify artificial intelligence (AI)-driven sales opportunities, and engage with customers in an unprecedented manner, allowing you to anticipate customer needs and maximize their investment in Microsoft 365.  Read more here. 



Consultations on Microsoft 365 Lighthouse and other Microsoft Cloud services are available within the Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) program, a paid support offering for Microsoft Partners. Complete this form today to speak with an ASfP specialist about your needs and to learn more about the benefits of Advanced Support for Partners.

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