NEW digital event! Introduction to Copilot Partner-Led Immersion Experience - June 19th



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Join us for a 45-minute session on June 19, 2024 on how to use the recently launched Partner-led Copilot Immersion Experience, providing partners the ability to demo and help customers with hands-on experiences.  
In this session, we will walk you through each of the assets to drive adoption of Copilot for Microsoft 365 by role/persona and provide you guidance on the best way to utilize and demo with your customers--showcasing how Copilot can help businesses solve common problems and achieve more.  
What is included?

  • Simulated click-thru demos for Sales, Marketing, HR, and Exec personas for each of the M365 apps. Finance, Legal, and Consulting personas are coming soon.
  • Facilitator Guide to help partners deliver a great experience
  • Participant Guide for end-users to follow along


‌How does it work?
Our guidance is to invite an entire department to a training session where you can spend 15 minutes showing what’s possible with Copilot using click-thru demos, 15 minutes for customers to try themselves with dummy content, and 15 minutes for customers to progress their own projects by bringing their own files.


Register today to get started! (Two sessions available, Americas/EMEA & APAC)




Demos and webinars are great..but do you need more; such as technical consultations from a level 100 to level 400 across Microsoft workloads, a comprehensive growth and success plan built with a Micrsoft account manager, or services and benefits that can monetized without requiring increased headcount?  Speak with a Partner Success expert about Premier and Advanced Support for Partners, paid service offerings that drive growth and partner success. 


Premier Support for Partners (PSfP) and Advanced Support for Partners (ASfP) are paid partner offerings at Microsoft that provide unmatched value through a wide range of Partner benefits including account management, direct-from-Microsoft advisory consultations, the highest level of reactive support available including up to 15-minute response times on critical cases, and coverage across cloud, hybrid, and on-prem.


Please review these resources to learn more and consider booking a meeting to speak directly with our teams for a better understanding of the value-added benefits of PSfP and ASfP.



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