Ecosystem Engineering Acquisition Program (EEAP) No feedback permissions.

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Our company's Partner Center account had the EEAP(

The Ecosystem Engineering Access Program (EEAP) enables partners and customers (in depth engagement programs) to receive Windows, Windows Server and Azure Stack pre-release builds, materials, and communications and manage feedback (bugs) with Microsoft.  EEAP participation is a co-engineering partnership that empowers partners and customers to innovate and deliver amazing solutions with Microsoft Windows, Windows Server, Azure Stack HCI and Azure Stack. All the content is shared under NDA.

) agreement added before I took over, which currently has no feedback access. I would like to enable feedback access now, but we need the Microsoft contact window, do you have any suggestions for this?

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Hi @JinfengChen

The only thing I can find similar to this program is the Ecosystem Engagement Access Program (EEAP) which is a retired program. I don't have any information about the Ecosystem Engineering Access Program that I can find in the internal SharePoint site or on the web. If you have other documentation, feel free to share.

These sites may help you with your needs:

Also, I'm with the Advanced Support for Partners program, which is a paid Partner offering that includes dedicated account management, technical enablement benefits, and reactive support enhancements. We conduct consultations across Microsoft cloud technologies and we often share information from technical experts about new features and sometimes have pre release information, timelines, and contacts within engineering to answer questions and prepare partners for what's around the corner. If you'd like to learn more, feel free to fill out this form and one of our specialists would be happy to discuss the program with you.

As an example, here's a Partner Interest Form for Microsoft Security Copilot. Feel free to complete this if interested -