Custom Prompt and Granular AI Builder Costs

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Do you know if there is a way to get more detailed reporting of AI Builder credits. I want to be able to create custom prompts and then refine those prompts to bring down the useage of AI Buikder credits as I make the prompts more efficient. The data is not sufficiently granular at the moment. We have some specific use cases that we have solved but it is proving hard to estimate costs of usage at scale. 

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Since you have a custom scenario, you might benefit from a one-on-one session that's offered via either the advance support plan or premier support plan -  Compare Microsoft Partner Support Offerings


While you're deciding, you can review pg. 26-27 of the Power Platform Licensing Guide as well as the following MS Learn docs on AI Builder credits - AI Builder licensing and credit management | Microsoft Learn


I'm going to move this post over to the Advanced Support for Partners Community as it's the best resource for fastest response.  :smile:




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Hi @anorthernman,

You may be able to leverage your Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program benefits to work with a Partner Technical Consultant on this. You would need to have advisory hours from a competency or a Solutions partner designation. If you don't have one of those, you could purchase the Microsoft Action Pack for a 5 hour bundle, plus other benefits.

With Advanced Support or Premier Support for Partners, both paid Partner offerings, you would have a number of technical engagements to go further with scenarios like this, would have an account manager, and access to other growth and enablement benefits to take this project and others to the next level. For example, Developer planning engagements, deep, technical cloud consults across the Microsoft cloud, and escalation support benefits. More info can be found on the right side of the ASfP Community Page

If you want to discuss these plans, I would be happy to arrange a meeting with a specialist.