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Hi everyone,
We have two customers that are currently licensed under SPLA and access a shared Business Central (on-premise) environment, with a shared Active Directory.
We would like to order licenses for these customers using the CSP Hoster program. These two customers are the first customers for the program, so we are not clear on how to deliver services, such as Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, to the customers.
Do we create one tenant in the partnercenter containing the shared active directory, do we create a tenant per customer in the partner center or do we create a tenant for us (GWS) as the hoster and order the licenses for the customers through this tenant?
Thank you very much in advance.

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I can only provide you with links/resources so that you can resolve your solution since the Licensing Concierge does not provide solutions as would Microsoft Sales or Support. However, it sounds like you require more 1:1 assistance. 


Therefore, I'm moving this post to Advanced Support for Partners since this is a technical scenario that requires advanced support. 


If you are a reseller, please contact their Indirect Provider for assistance. 





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@LicensingConcierge1Thank you so far. We are a Tier1 CSP partner.

Hi ChristianUrban,

As a Teir 1 CSP, you should have an active Advanced Support for Partners or Premier Support for Partners agreement. You can work with your account manager to receive an answer on this question.

If you are unsure whether you have an active ASfP/PSfP agreement, please send me a DM with business information so I can redirect you accordingly.