Azure Announcements Newsletters - February 2024 Roundup



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Accessible below are all of the Azure Announcements Newsletters for February 2024.


There are 62 updates in total, including Preview Features, services becoming Generally Available, Updated Features, Regional Updates, and more.  


The four Azure Announcements Newsletters from February 2024 are attached below. 


Here a just a few announcements from February:


  • Azure Backup - General Availability - We are happy to announce the general availability of enabling Azure Backup on Azure VMs using Premium SSD v2. Premium SSD v2 offering provides the most advanced block storage solution designed for a broad range of IO-intensive enterprise production workloads that require sub-millisecond disk latencies as well as high IOPS and throughput — at a low cost.
  • Azure Data Explorer - New Feature - We are excited to announce that we have made the migration of Azure Virtual Network injected Azure Data Explorer cluster to Private Endpoints generally available.
  • Azure Monitor - New Features - Multi-region and multi-subscription visualisation, Geo view as a the landing screen helping understand inventory distribution across regions, Drilldown from Azure region to resources inside subnet ,...
  • ...and much more in the Newsletters below.


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Partners in ASfP have higher Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program Capability Scores, attain more Solutions Partner designations, and see uplifts across Azure, M365, and D365.  View the data and learn more on the new ASfP Impact slide below.


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Find these Azure Announcement Newsletters very useful.
Is it possible to provide a link to where they are published each week (as opposed to having to wait for the monthly round-up attachments).
Hi there. Please DM me your email address and I will get you added to the distribution list.