Ability to select support contract when raising an Azure support case

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We understand there are changes coming which will limit the number of included cases for Azure under ASfP and there are also changes coming which will limit the number of cases under Cloud Signature Support.


Currently we have all our technical staff with contract and access ID's linked to ASfP. When raising a case, the support plan always defaults to "Premier" which is the ASfP, there is no option to choose which support plan is used for a particular case.


If Microsoft are going to limit the number of cases under different contracts/support plans we need the ability to choose which contract we are raising particular cases with at case creation. For example there may be some cases we do not want to raise under ASfP but are happy to raise with less urgency under Signature Support and vice versa.

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Hi qross,

Thank you so much for sharing this feedback with us. Active ASfP Partners like yourself are always encouraged to share their feedback directly with us which can also be done via your Partner Success Account Manager (PSAM) who will roll the feedback up to the proper channel.

Please know I have captured this feedback and passed it on to the proper group who has already acknowledged receiving this feedback and will be investigating this feature request further.

Thank you so much again for providing this feedback and for your partnership in ASfP and with Microsoft.