What’s new in Office 365 administration—new Service health dashboard now generally available

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Today, The Office 365 Team is pleased to announce that the new Office 365 Service health dashboard is now available to all customers. Since the first preview—announced at Ignite in September 2016—the new Service health dashboard has provided admins with a deeper level of service health insight.


Here is a summary of the main improvements:

  • Access rich and more actionable incident insights
  • Quickly understand the incident
  • Easily see the impact for your organization
  • Quickly provide feedback

Read more about these improvements and learn about upcoming enhancements on the Office 365 Blog.


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We are running a single Office 365 Tenant for over 8000 users across 15 sites. Is there plans to have any kind of RSS feed or public view for the service health. We would like technicans who dont have Office 365 accass and users to be able to see if there are any outages or issues. 

Hi Adam - I'm looping in @Anne Michels who might be able to help answer your question.

Thanks for looping me in, Maddie.

Hi John,

thanks for your feedback. I've shared it with the engineering team.

A couple of thoughts: The service health dashboard is a tenant specific view, and shows you only incidents which your tenant is affected by. That's why only you have access to it in your service health dashboard in the admin center. You can give people in your organization access to the service health dashboard by i.e. assigning them i.e. the role of a service administrator. A person does not need to ahve an Office 365 license in order to be an admin. You can find more about the roles here: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/About-Office-365-admin-roles-da585eea-f576-4f55-a1e0-87090b...

We're also currently working on email notifications. These will become avaialble later this year and will make it easy for you to forward the information via email as well. Please let me know if this helps or if you have additional needs that we're not considering yet.



Hi Ann,


Just yesterday for 5 minutes there was a outage in office 365 services, the error message said our services are unavailable when we try to log in to portal.office.com but after 5 mins it was restored.


As I am assuming that this was global may be it didnt appear on our Service health dashboard, which we expected it to.


Do you think it such kind of outage will be showing up in Service health Dashboard.




Hi Priyanka,

there was no reported Portal outage yesterday.  If you see something like this again, a good option is to tweet the @Office365Status handle and see if there is a known issue.  If we aren’t aware of an issue, we encourage you to raise a Support request so we can investigate and understand what issue you are hitting.



thanks a Ann :) we will report it to MS Support