What can Unlicensed Users Do?

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When adding users in the admin center, one can assign a license or add users without a product license. Will these "unlicensed users" still be able to receive email? In an initial test, it seems that this works. We need multiple email inboxes for things such as invoices, info@ emails, etc., but I am reluctant to assign a full user to all of them. And making just one user with multiple aliases is not a solution either for internal reasons. So I guess what I'm asking is: Why would one normally create an unlicensed user and do I have to worry that they will no longer be able to use email?

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No, it won’t work and believe you are saying *@onmicrosoft.com, for your situation, would suggest 'shared mailbox' since no license is required:


Create a shared mailbox - Microsoft 365 admin | Microsoft Docs