Users get automatically forwarded to admin portal instead of the user portal

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Hi all,


My o365 users always get this error message from the first login to the portal. After updating the page, the portal page will be displayed. However, all o365 products can be used without any problems.


Thank you for your help

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Are the users going to office.com to access Office 365 out of interest? That's the default start page that should be opened. 

My users use the start page portal.microsoft.com. I thought there was no difference between portal.microsoft.com and office.com is portal.microsoft.com only for admins? what is the best way to log in to the browser o365 fastest? office.com/login ?

Yes, there is a difference, Office.com is the default start page for users, this was mentioned recently in a message center post: 


"Office.com has evolved to pull a user's most relevant apps, documents and places where they are working —all in one place--and consequently will be the default page a user lands on when signing into Office 365 at Office.com"


portal.microsoft.com will take you to the admin center, which users won't have rights for.


So yes, get users to open office.com instead and see if that works as expected. Hope that helps. 

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