user is unable to share 2.5 TB folders and files


Hello Team,


Please help me, there is user who is unable to share 2.5 TB folders and files from onedrive for business.

The user is getting the error  of the Microsoft Throttled Message (many files and folders). 

Please suggest us in this case. Is there any limitations to share the folders and files.



Reena Roy


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How many folders and documents is he trying to transfer? What I would suggest here is to split the folders and files to be transferred in chunks so he/she can avoid the throttling
2.5 TB files and folders in one shot. So is there any limitation or something that is not allowed to transfer the files and folders.
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You cannot share folders that contain over 100,000 files in them. You also cannot break inheritance on folders with over 100,000 either. As Juan suggests you have to move files into smaller sub folders and then Share those out due to this limit.

@Chris Webb Thank you for response.