Unable to see the Office 365 Extra Storage Add-In

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We have an Office365 tenancy with exhausted SharePoint storage pool so trying to top it up by purchasing the Office 365 extra storage add-in but unable to see it in the add-in section. has anyone seen/resolved this behavior?



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You should be able to see it under Add-ins:


Office 365 Extra File Storage

Priced per gigabyte, Office 365 offers additional file storage options to support an organization’s file growth.

Starting at
€0.17 gigabyte/month
Subscription options
  • €0.17 gigabyte/month
€2.04 gigabyte/year
Or you can open a support case...
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@Vasil Michev Thanks for the response! So far it seems the tenancy subscription is bought through CSP which therefore needs to be handled with the relevant partner.