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With Windows PowerShell I added 2500 people to the distribution group. but only 1000 members attached as marked. How can I add up to 1,500 active members in bulk? I've added a total of 1500 members using powershell. But even though the 1000 member portal Microsoft seems to be added, 1500 is not marked in the distribution group. How can I choose1500 members marked in distribution group?

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I've added 2500 recipients, but  the other over 1,000's is not being marked.
Does sending messages to group members continue after 1000 members have passed through the distribution group?


Not sure what you mean by "marked"? Most Exchange cmdlets will return a limited set of results, including the DG membership ones. The same applies to the UI, either in the Office 365 Admin center or the EAC.


You can certainly have more than 1000 members of a distribution list, but to get the full membership you need to use PowerShell and the -ResultSize unlimited switch. All of the users should have no issues with receiving messages sent to the list.


For more information you can refer to the Exchange Online Limits article:

i have added 3000 members in the distribution group, but 1000 of them are selected.

if I do not send an email I wonder if it will reach 3,000 or 1000 recipient?

The fact that the mark box is not selected is as shown in the attachment.