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Hi all, I am hopeful someone else has run into this need that has a similar environment and has a working solution.


The environment:

100% Microsoft Cloud based - We are heavily invested in O365, Azure AD, Intune MDM, etc. with zero inhouse servers or VM's. We utilize Intune/Autopilot for our new system builds and deployments. All users authenticate via O365/Azure AD. Total user count is between 200-400.


The Problem:

I must inventory ALL software installed on our managed devices in a readable and useful format.


However as has been discussed on this forum already, at least as far as I have read and tested on my own, there is no built in solution that will generate a complete list of all software installed on my deployed laptops.

I can obviously see the apps that my Autopilot deployment loads, and I can see most of the 64bit apps installed via the Store. But having to drill down into each machine to see the incomplete list of w32 apps installed is not useful. Nor is the fact that even the 64bit applications listed is incomplete.


I understand that corporate devices get an app inventory once a week, however on Windows 10 this only applies to Windows Store Apps and applications that are downloaded due to enrolment and management via Intune, I've noted there are a lot of apps not represented in the export. For example, I have machines with Bluebeam Revu installed, Autodesk AutoCAD, etc. and none of those titles are represented in the exports I have done.


When I utilize the tools available in Configuration Manager, it's not a true and accurate installed application discovery or reporting.


The Request:

Has anyone worked out a solution to the problem of incomplete software discovery reporting on managed devices, and if so what?

I am desperately trying to avoid having to push out a third-party client/server app (software inventory management) when it seems Intune should already be able to pull this information from the client machines.


Thanks in advance for any assistance with this!

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