Slow Help for Account Lockout

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I have an interesting one that so far everyone that I have spoken to on the Microsoft 365 Business Solutions Team has never seen before. I did a password reset Sunday March 22nd 2022. The reset worked fine as it should. I had to authenticate through email and text. However I must have fat fingered my password somehow because when I went to log back in it said it was wrong.


Thus I tried another reset... waited for the email and nothing. After a couple more attempts I then noticed that the "alternate" email that it was sending the 2FA email codes to was exactly the same  as my account email! Thus I am not receiving emails because I am locked out of the account it is emailing the codes to.


In the end support ended up passing me to an engineer who seems to be the only one capable of doing a simple database update. However it's been three days and I've not heard anything from him. I know my small business isn't even a drop in the bucket to Microsoft... but I do support corporations and literally hundreds of Microsoft users who no doubt have been emailing me the last few days!

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Update... after waiting days for support I ended up just trying every combination surrounding the password I must have set it at and finally got it! Big relief... I feel bad for anyone else that falls into this situation and cannot get their password however... I actually wonder how long it would have taken to fix this issue?

First thing I did was changed the "alternate email" so this never happens again. Funny thing is that there was a warning about the alternate being within the same domain as the account email which makes sense... However, they should set a rule so that it should never be a match!