Shared Mailbox policy for a user.

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Hi Guys,

I have to create a  shared mailbox which is use by the multiple user, and i need to setup/configure a mailbox policy/rules on Office365 for a user. Below list is my objective, it is possible to setup this on Office365?

-A user cannot delete a mailbox.

-A user cannot  delete a sent items folder

Thanks in Advance and I really appreciate your technical expertise. :)




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Users can never delete a mailbox, unless you have granted them admin-level permissions. For deleting folders or items within a mailbox, you need to adjust the corresponding folder-level permissions as detailed here:


You should NOT grant Full Access permissions, as those cannot be restricted on per item/folder level.

Hi Vasil Mischev,
Thanks for your reply. Sorry, the first objective is
-A user cannot delete his email.
Because in outlook once we create a email profile, by default the user can able to delete his email, empty his deleted folder. There is only a "Ligitation Hold" which the deleted email can keep on server.
But is there other way or policy in office365 that the user is cannot delete his email from outlook?

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No, user's "own" their email, so they can do as they please. If you need to preserve messages in order to meet legal requirements, the different types of hold functionality is the way to go.