Scheduled audit reports?

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Every week I need to  do a report by user on how many times they accessed their mailbox and from what IPs. It's a bit tedious. Is there any way to automate this in the Security and Compliance interface? Either for download or have it e-mailed?

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Have you tried to get this info. by means of PowerShell / some programming?

There is a "schedule report" functionality in O365, however it only covers some of the reports and the ones you are after are not included. So the best option here will be to custom create a program/script that fetches them and emails them to you, as Juan suggested. Or, use third party reporting tools that offer scheduling functionality across the board.




The above tool can solve your requirement easily. You can give it a try on the demo of this tool.


You can find the 'Mailbox Login Report' under 'Audit Reports > Exchange > Mailbox Access > Mailbox Logins'

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