Reusing Old Email addresses with Retention Policies


Wondering if someone can tell me if this is a issue or not.  Just a scenario I runngin through head.

Security and Compliance Retention Policy for 7 years.

So User is synced from on-premise and assigned a E3 license and has the retention policies set.

User is moved into a On-Premise folder that is not synced to the cloud.

So user account is removed from sync and placed in Deleted users.

After 30 or 90 days I can't remember exactly user account id deleted.  But retention is still applied to users emails and such based on Compliance Policy.


Some time later say 6 months a new employee starts with the company with same name when he his synced and a license assigned will it allow it with the same name or will it error out


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When you delete a mailbox that's under any type of hold, his mailbox will be provisioned as Inactive mailbox. While Inactive mailboxes preserve some of the attributes, they cannot receive mail and thus you can reuse the address(es). Details are here: