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Occationally I'll run across new features in the Admin Center, which is nice, but I would prefer to see the Recent Updates list updated so I don't have to just accidently run across new features but actually can see them listed all in one place.


Can we get this updated regularly as it hasn't been updated since June?

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Cary Siemers : The updates has been implemented from June.  Now a days we will receive the all updates via Message center which placed in the Admin center home page. 


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All updates in the Admin Center Preview are definitely NOT in the Message Center.


Microsoft needs to decide on where they are going to post updates and stick with it and quit waffling around.

The message center is showing what is coming and rolling out but best place to be up to date would be the roadmap





Sigh . . . Microsoft really needs to get its act together and once and for all decide on how and where (JUST ONE PLACE) it is going to notify its PAYING customers what new features have been rolled out.

I think this is going to be hard as your tennant may have different updates then others.

this would mean they have to look at each package that is delivered and get the data out of what changes.


I am glad that there are so many ways to supply me and our team.





Shouldn't Microsoft's systems know what updates are in my Tenant? 

They should be able to see what versions of the various products are in my tenant and display messages appropriately. 

Just like when their automated systems are looking to makes updates, they should see that my tenant is on an old version and then in a week, or month, or whatever timeframe will be updated. I should also get a message then.

Agree with that Cary!

i saw another ping to MS about this issue here





It's been 5 months now and no additions to Recently Added.


How about just removing the option from the Admin Center until someone decides to actually update it?



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