"More Options" missing under "Mailbox Usage" (Need to disable Recovery options)

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I'm looking for a way to disable "Recover Deleted Items" for accounts. Supposedly (per Technet and other articles) I should have an option for "More Options" under "Mailbox Usage" that will allow me to do so. I don't see it there. 


The link I'm using:


Otherwise, is it even possible to disable "Recover Deleted Items" from the admin center?

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The article above detailes the "single item recovery" functionality, which is different from stopping people from accessing "recover deleted items". You cannot disable the latter, and for the former you can use PowerShell:


Set-Mailbox -SingleItemRecoveryEnabled $false


I would advise against doing this btw, as with the lack of point-in-time backups in ExO, that's the only recovery option you have (albeit temporary one).