question for office365 - forwarding issue

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One of our client requested , they would like to restrict forwarding mail function on office365 client portal.

i have been follow

- uncheck mybaseoptions

but most of the option missing at client portal...

it there anyway to block / disable forwarding at client side?

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That's the client side - removing the corresponding options from OWA. Outlook doesn't expose a forwarding option, so user usually configure forwarding via rules there - you can block them by following the steps in this article:

thanks for your reply.


But i don't see there is a option "3. The message type is... "Auto-Forward" "


please advise.




You are looking at the wrong place. Select the "message properties" condition, then Automatic replies.

Many thanks for your reply...


I have another question.....


what is the different between office 365 and outlook webapp ?


because my friend just calling me and ask me to setup the forwarding on his account....


i can't see the forwarding on outlook web app.......and his interface is very simple...not much setting..



my one at office365


The first screenshot is basically the old Options page for OWA. It has been replaced since few years back, but it's still available/accessible.

For new apply , is it possible to switch it back to OWA ?

The are both OWA. And they both have the forwarding settings available, look under the Accounts section.