Question about editing experience in Yammer Sharepoint Site versus Sharepoint colleciton site

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I am wondering why the edit experience between a sharepoint site collection site (Sharepoint 2013) and a Yammer created sharepoint site (sharepoint 2013) look different. When i edit a Yammer sharepoint site i get the ability to click on a + button and choose to add new web parts etc, for each section. But in a sharepoint site collection site i get a ribbon instead of the same experience i get in a yammer sharepoint site. Is there any way to make them match?   

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When you create a Group in Yammer you are creating an Office 365 Group behind the scenes so a modern SPO Site is created. When you create a Site Collection from the SPO Admin Center, you are creating a classic SPO Site...but in this classic SPO Site you can have modern stuff such as modern pages, use modern WebParts in modern pages and also modern lists and document libraries

Thank you for your explanation. Do you know if it is possible to switch a classic SPO site to be Modern? or would another SPO site need to be created as Modern? Basically i'm being asked to make the editing experience for one of my users the same across the board, which i don't think can be done, easily... if at all.

Im sorry Juan, i read another post about how to enable this and about dealing with customizations that you answered already. Thank you very much for your help!